What Causes Drain

Line Backups?

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Do you have a clogged drain or sewer in your home? Don't wait until a minor inconvenience becomes a major problem. Call the experienced team at General Sewer and Video for the fast, effective residential cleaning you need.

When root blockage is the cause of your drain line backup, get the help you need with our foaming method. It controls root growth while protecting the environment.the environment.

When you want only the best in drain and sewer cleaning, call on General Sewer and Video.

Clogged drain or sewer?

No problem.

 •  High pressure jetting

 •  Sewer, drain, and pipeline cleaning

 •  Electric machine cleaning

 •  Video Inspection

When you need your drain cleaned quickly, you'll find no faster solution than General Sewer and Video. With advanced technology, your drain issues will be gone in no time.

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drain problems?

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Efficient, effective residential drain

and sewer cleaning

EPA approved root removal

Superior drain services

Advanced technology for fast solutions to your drain problems


Sewers and pipelines are subject to a wider variety of damaging influences... both natural and man-made... root intrusion, chemical wastes, abrasive substances, collapses and flooding. No matter what the cause, damaged sewers or drains mean significant inconvenience or worse for residential customers and loss of productivity and potential profitability for commercial sites or municipalities. General Sewer and Video has the solution to these problems.


With over 40 years of experience, General Sewer & Video provides you with trained professionals operating the most technologically advanced equipment in the sewer and drain industry.


General Sewer and Video Services expertly handle all household drain lines. We also vacuum, high pressure jet and video inspect sanitary and storm pipeline effectively and efficiently.